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Christian Fiction Writer's Unite!

Wether you write fiction for the Christian reader market, or are a Christian who writes fiction for the mass market, but from a Christian perspective, this website will attempt to provide information to support your endeavors.

As Christian men and women, our witness is on display in what we write.  To be true to our faith, we strive to glorify God in all we do, regardless if it is something written specificly to glorify Him, or some other type of writing, our work is a testimony of Christ in our liveds. All Christians are called to do this in their daily work lives, so why would this be any different for Christian writers?

We will attempt to provide information, articles and resources to help you in your goals as a Crhistian writer on this website and we hope you are blessed by it's content.  Too few communities exist for Crhistian writers to both get information and have fellowship, so we hope to provide such a forum for this heare. 


About Your Christian Faith

This can be a touchy subject to address, but a fundamentally important one as there are many different definitions of Christian faith floating around in our secular society.  Here we will attempt to provide our definition and perspective so that you can judge if it fits yours since you'll find this site geared to this perspective. If this doesn't match your beliefs, you'll want to find other resources.  We mean you no harm if you theology differs, but this site will not match your beliefs.  You are welcome to puruse the site, regardless of your belief systems, of course, as all writers are welcomed here.  We do, though, enourage posts and contributions only from those of the same theological perspective so as to keep the discussion centered on the perspective that our visitors expect so as to be the most fruitful for them.


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