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Dang Shen, Codonopsis pilosula

Dang-Shen (Codonopsis pilsula)

Dang Shen, Bastard Ginseng,

Poor Man's Ginseng

Codonopsis pilosula)

Throughout the world, this widely used herb is also called the "poor man's ginseng" as it is also used to invigorate vital energy and is good for the blood. A climbing vine plant that should be trellised. Produces beautiful bell shaped blowers that are yellow to olive green with purple veins.

Growing Info: Best started in sterile potting soil indoors or in a greenhouse before the last frost. These rare and tiny seeds will produce delicate seedlings that can be potted until all danger of frost is gone. They can then be transplanted to the garden. Let them establish themselves before trellising, but be careful of delicate roots when installing. This twining vine plant will grow up to 6 feet tall in sandy, well drained soil. A very hardy plant that loves shade.

Standard Uses: Cadonopsis pilosula is a very beautiful vine whose cultivation is so easy that it makes for a very good ornamental plant. It's love of shade makes it a very valuable addition for those trouble spots with little light.

Medicinal Uses: The roots of Dang Shen are used for energy deficiency, strengthening the immune system, lowering blood pressure, lack of appetite and invigorating the spleen. A tonic made from Codonopsis and Ginseng was used in ancient China for replenishing vital energy. Roots of this plant should be harvested when 3 to 4 years old for maximum potency.