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Please remember, " The garden never started, is the garden never grown! " 

If you'd like your own gardening site listed here and will provide a reciprocal link to us, Submit Your Gardening Link and we'll consider including your site.  If you know of a great link that we've missed, let us know.   [Last Link Verification:  January, 2008] 

If you're still in the mood to surf the web, here's some gardening related web sites we think you might enjoy. 


GREAT GENERAL GARDEN LINKS If you need gardening advice, ideas, information, etc, please check out these links 

HERBS & MEDICINAL PLANT SITES: Plants have been used for thousands of years to help our own bodies to recover from all sorts of ailments. Here you'll find many sites exploring their uses. 

INTERESTING HOUSEPLANT LINKS Make it home sweet home with a little help from these links. 

BONSAI RELATED PAGES ON THE NET This isn't only gardening, it's a bonafide art form! 

THE PEPPER CONNECTION Like hot peppers, salsa, chili and super hot sauces? Then check out these links! 

CACTI AND SUCCULENT RELATED PAGES ON THE NET Just when you thought all the good sites had ignored our prickly little friends. 

TOBACCO & SMOKING RELATED LINKS Sites for tobacco growers and those on both the anti and pro smoking corners. 

PLANT INFORMATION AND DATABASE SITES Many useful resources from universities, personal and business sites worldwide. 

GARDENING RELATED PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Lots of new and helpful products for the garden and lawn. 

GREAT FOOD AND SPICE LINKS Spice up your life and dinner table by visiting these great homepages. After all, great gardens produce great food!  

LINKS OF GENERAL INTEREST Explore these links for information, fun and entertainment. 

GREAT BUSINESS LINKS If you own, or plan on starting your own business, then you will find these links very useful.



Asclepiad Page - The resource for succulent milkweeds/carrion flowers and the International Asclepiad Society. 

Ask Earl - The Yard Care Answer Guy - For yard care problems, ask Earl the Answer Guy. He has solutions to all your yard problems including leaves, weeds, grass & pests. He can give you tips on how to maintain a beautiful lawn. 

Organic Pest Control - Avoiding chemical pesticides in your home lawn and garden is a great step to ensuring
the health and safety of your family, pets, neighborhood, and the earth!

Berry Nursery - Growers of over 73 varieties of Berry plants & Grapevines. 

Gardening Archive - Plant specifications, herbs and other FAQs & data files. 

GardenWeb - Not to be confused with the "GreenWeb", but does have articles, reviews, forums, contests, a garden exchange, online catalogs and more! -  If you are seriously considering buying a greenhouse, or just curious, this is a great place to start your research. 

Hardiest Palm, The - Grow a palm in Philadelphia? You bet! One man's vote for "The Hardiest Palm." 

Howard Garrett's Basic Organic Program - Let "The Doctor of Dirt", teach you to garden the natural way -- without harmful pesticides or chemicals. 

Jackson and Perkins - offers convenient catalog purchasing of over 100 varieties of premium quality roses, plus a wide variety of garden, gift, and home products. 

Northern Gardening - For gardeners in the northern US. -  A very nice site on organic gardening techniques to battle those bad bugs! 

Penn State Horticulture Variety Trial Garden - Flower and vegetable variety testing results 

SUFA's Tree Care Center - Info on tree planting, pruning, and general care. Explains how professional tree appraisals can help you in insurance, real estate, and legal proceedings. 

Weekend Gardener - Your weekly electronic gardening guide for the weekend gardener in most of us! 

HUW'S PALM PAGE - A great info and resource page for cold hardy palms and more! 

Palm & Cycad Societies of Florida (PACSOF)   -  They have an excellent Palm Encyclopedia with a vast selection of pictures online to view. 

My Toolshed - A great source of gardening information. 

Garden Net This will carry you to Garden Net's Homepage. A lot of interesting stuff for the serious gardener. 




To find out how herbs are used for medicinal purposes and to learn about the plants they come from, visit A Modern Herbal by Mrs. M. Grieve. This world famous herbal guide is now in electronic format courtesy of  Botanical.Com  

The Herb Research Foundation - Non profit research & education foundation to further the cause of herbal remedies and medicinal uses! 

Herbnet - A very useful resource for herb farmers and consumers. 



Get Set! This is a great site with many helpful links, especially hydroponics links 

Zone 10 was established to offer the horticultural community of zone 10 an efficient means of disseminating product information and current availability. 



Bonsai Clubs International BCI is the foremost non-profit global organization of individuals and clubs, which are dedicated to the education of people in bonsai. 

American Bonsai Society - Bonsai, American style! 

Bonsai on the Web - All sorts of bonsai info, supplies, etc. 



FireGirl Chili Page - FireGirl is a chili fanatic. So, along with Mrs. FireGirl, she has put together this web site for you which will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about chilies. 

The JalapeƱo Cafe - Best Chile Recipes on the Web they say! 





The Boyce Thompson Southwestern Arboretum and the Arid Lands Newsletter, both at the  University of Arizona in Tucson. 

Conservation items include the Center for Plant Conservation - which wants to preserve rare plants. (1 out of 10 U.S. plants are endangered they say!) 




A.S.C. Technical FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for the alt.smokers.cigars newsgroup. 

The Tobacconist - Your cigar web site for those who enjoy fine cigars. 

Cigar.Com - Claims to be the worlds finest virtual cigar community. 

OTOAO Cigar Making Supplies:   Source for Cigar making information and supplies. 

Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights (ANR) The leading activist organization. Their focus is smoke-free policies and fighting preemption. 

Tobacco BBS - News & Resources - Focuses on tobacco issues and featuring related news, history, book and movie lists, addresses, and quit-smoking tips for those inclined to do so. 

Tobacco Control Resource Center - Provides tobacco control resources focusing on policy and legal issues of the tobacco control movement. 

American Medical Association - See the July 19, 1995 issue of JAMA that covers tobacco, as well as many other related issues by searching site by the word 'tobacco.'. 





EXTOXNET An index of most insecticides from Oregon State University. 

(USDA) United States Dept. of Agriculture Plant Database 




Nitron Organic Products - Also offers organic fertilizers as well as other organic home and pet care products too! 

Bio-Organics Supply Center - They offer an interesting selection of organic fertilizers and other products as well as some good information on the subject. Of special interest is their Mycorrhizae Inoculants which can help restore a valuable link nature has provided in soil that is often killed off by commercial pesticides and fertilizers! A good informational article discusses this often delicate balance. 

Organic Gardening Magazine - A fine magazine that we subscribe to ourselves. Filled with fresh ideas and perspectives on gardening organically for a better health of both you and your garden. 

Organic Critter Control Organic Fungicides Organic Biostimulants Organic Gardening Shop provides natural organic plant food nutrients and minerals necessary for beautiful, vigorous plants. Its natural organic product helps in building healthy soils by encouraging beneficial micro biotic activity that may improve nutrient uptake, soil aeration and drainage.  




Mimi's Cyber-Kitchen - Includes some of Mimi's own recipes, and tons of links to food/recipe related sites on the web. Very nice! 

The Flying Noodle - Check out this site for pasta, goodies and more! Fun graphics & attitude! 


Learn about the art and pleasure of the Tea Party from the expert, Nan Taylor!

As Seen on TV - A fun site full of all those amazing things you see on TV.! 

Internet Archive  -  See your favorite websites they way they looked in the past.  This non profit organization is the historian of the internet.  Kind of cool to check out. 



U S Postal Service - Need to find postage rate for a piece of domestic or foreign mail? Need to find a zip code or have a question pertaining to bulk or business mail, then check out this site. 

Social Security Administration Office Got questions regarding benefits or need forms? This site has answers to all your questions regarding Social Security. 

Small Business Administration Got questions, need a loan, want to send a comment? You can do it all from this page. 

Consumer Information Center - Loads of information about Federal Programs of all types. 

US Government - Almost any question on dealing with the US Government can be answered by visiting the FEDWORLD homepage. 

Securities and Exchange Commission - Ready to take your small business public? Every thing you will need to know is here. 

US Patent and Trademark Office - Got a great ideal that you want to protect? All you need to know is at this homepage. 

SBA Business Shareware Program - Over 500 very useful software programs that are designed to help start and run a small business. 

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