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CAREFUL! You'll fall in!

3/23/97 - The GreenWeb is Born!!!

On this day, the GreenWeb became visible to the World Wide  Web and we began the laborious task of listing this site on popular Internet search engines. Within the next few weeks we hoped to have many visitors, and we did.

5/10/97 - GreenWeb's Garden Post Board Opens!

The GreenWeb opens it's newest feature, the Garden Post Board. Designed as a dynamic forum for Garden enthusiasts around the world to share tips, ask questions, offer to swap seeds or discuss any gardening related topic. Postings are put up immediately so that all the world will see what you have to say. Contributions are welcome!  (Reopened August 2004 under site hosted system)

6/16/97 - GreenWeb's Garden Book Store Opens!

Our search for some of the finest books on gardening and horticulture to complete our research library has brought us in contact with some pretty spectacular books. GreenWeb joins with, the worlds largest bookseller, to provide our visitors with the opportunity to check out some of our favorite selections. These are the few books out of the many we've reviewed that we feel merit your special attention. GreenWeb has provided information on each of its picks, right in the Garden Book Store! You can also search through the thousands of selections using our Gardening Book Search feature. Orders can be processed online with a click of your mouse on the desired title.

7/4/97 - GreenWeb's Plant Pals Web Ring Opens!

The GreenWeb takes the initiative to start a dynamic new web ring dedicated to Gardening Topics of all types. One of the first gardening web rings to allow business participation of noteworthy sites that offer useful information, as well as great plant related products. Non commercial and personal sites are welcome as well. Our only requirement is that each site focus on gardening and plant related information.  (Ownership later transferred to another party)

12/1/98 - GreenWeb's Revamped Catalog Debut!

The GreenWeb debuts it's latest catalog revision with some exciting new specialized lists.  We've also include many more notations of Zone information for the seed selections in our catalog.  Download the latest catalog, or simply click through our newly remodeled site to see our newest selections!

12/1/99 - GreenWeb's Year 2000 Catalog Debut!

The GreenWeb's new catalog for the year 2000 is unveiled! With this revision we consolidated some lists in order to better serve our customers as well as revamped some of the site's features. The catalog search feature is once again available to assist you in searching through the thousands of selections available.

3/24/2000 - The GreenWeb get's a Face Lift!

The GreenWeb redesigns it's web site starting with it's home page. It now features a frames navigation bar on top and a cleaner, crisper feel to it's main page.  We've added several exciting new features like our Web Site Search which allows you to look over the entire internet site for whatever topic you'd like.  It even searches through the Garden Post Board messages and answers left by our many visitors whether they are currently viewable or have been archived.  We've also improved our Ordering Form to ensure that the latest in Secure Socket Layering technology is utilized to encrypt your order information as it is transmitted over the web.

12/01/2000 - GreenWeb unveils it's new 2001 Catalog and more!

The GreenWeb unveils it's new Rare & Exotic Seed Catalog for the year 2001 as well as many new changes to the site.  We've improved our look even more and begun to start an aggressive campaign to add man more new Plant Info pages. 

4/14/2001 - GreenWeb starts using it's new Shopping Cart System!

The GreenWeb begins use of it's new On-line Shopping Cart System so that customer's can easily add items as they browse through our many different seed listings.  Check out will automatically tally up the entire order, then take you to an improved SSL encrypted entry screen for secure entry of your credit card information.

12/01/2001 - GreenWeb unveils it's new 2002 Catalog and more!

The GreenWeb unveils it's new Rare & Exotic Seed Catalog for the year 2002 with many new seed selections added.  Our Downloadable catalog has also been improved and restored for convenient seed shopping offline for our customers.  The GreenWeb has also begun construction of the Web' Ultimate USDA Zone Map!

2/27/2006  -  GreenWeb Redesigns Website!

The GreenWeb has completely redesigned the look and feel of it's website.  A new shopping cart is now in place and we are using as many pictures as we can find available from our vendors and public domain sources.  Shoppers should quickly enjoy the improvements in this new design which allows for customer's to log into accounts they create during checkout, keep track of past orders, be shown specials and new items routinely, and even allows for them to sign up for our occasional GreenWeb newsletter.

3/23/2007  -  GreenWeb Celebrates 10 Year in business!!!

The GreenWeb has been a provider of rare and exotic seeds for over 10 years now, as of this date.  We have loved our experience on the net, being one of the pioneers for what once was unproven territory.  We've seen many dot coms come and go, but the GreenWeb remains here to serve you.  Thanks for your support over the years!

1/16/2008  -  GreenWeb Moves to a New Host Server

The GreenWeb was down for a few days as we moved our site to a new, more reliable Internet Host provider.  We selected, an internet presence provider that has been in business a year longer than we have, and that's a long time by internet standards.  While we were just reposting our files, a definite and positive difference is noticeable.  We expect our new server company will provide us with superior uptime and hope that you'll notice the difference.


9/1/2008  -  Plant Seed Sales Suspended

 In order to explore the possibilities of offering new products, the GreenWeb Company made the business decision to stop offering plant seeds for sale.  Increasing government regulations as well as other factors have made our seed offerings a less attractive opportunity for our company.  A new product line is expected to be offered soon. 


January, 2009 - Seed Business Stopped

While we are still hosting the GreenWeb site, our seed business has been closed.  Due to excessive regulation and a change in our business priorities, we have finalized the discontinuation of sales of our seeds, but will maintain this website for the benefit of the garden loving community at large. 

January 2014  - The GreenWeb Revamped a bit

We've changed the underlying website code to make it a more secure site and updated a few things as well as we approach our 17th year anniversary of being on the world wide web. 

Hopefully you'll check back with us soon to see what changes will have taken place. We have way too many additions planned for you to miss out on.