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Woman_Reading.jpgHere you will find our Articles on various gardening and plant related topics. Below you'll also find information on specific plant species and information about our company. We hope you find them enjoyable and relevant. 

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  • Growing Almost Anything from Seeds
    This article will explore the nuances of growing almost anything from seeds. Whether the seed is a radish or a coconut, this article will provide you valuable information on how to propogate it.
  • Organic Gardening
    Organic gardening is the best way to grow food that you can trust, free of pesticides and other artificial growing methods so that you will feel assured that what you eat is the way nature intended.
  • The Beauty of Compost Heaps
    Most people don't think of a heap of rotting organic material as a beautiful thing, but most gardners do. Compost Heaps use natural concepts to produce black gold that will enrich any soil. Your plants and the earth will love you for composting, so check out our article and get started today!
  • Planting & Raising Tobacco
    This article covers the basics about how to plant and raise your own tobacco. Warning, the Surgeon General has determined that smoking tobacco is hazzardous to your health.
  • Tips on Quitting Smoking
    As we have information on our site about how to grow and raise tobacco, we thought it appropriate to also include this article from a reputable source on how to quick smoking.
  • How to Make Your Own Dry Potpourri
    This article tells you how you can take some of the most fragrant plants from your garden and make your own dry potpourri to freshen up the air in your home.
  • GreenWeb's Gardening Glossary
    If you've ever heard master gardeners talk, you may have wished that you had our Gardening Glossary handy as it defines most of the commonly used terminology.
  • USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Maps
    Need to know more about the USDA Hardiness Zone for your neck of the woods? This article has links to your regions maps as well as additional information on what it all means.
  • Making Your Own Seed Tapes
    This article will tell you how to make your own seed tapes.
  • Cactus Care Tips
    This article is full of tips on how to grow and care for your cacti. It's a prickly situation at times, but we hope you'll learn a lot.
  • Organic Anti-Bug Biological Sprays and Dusts
    If you are looking for a way to manage your gardens pest problem in an organic and entirely environmental friendly way, this is it. By using biological insecticides you can kill your insect foes with no harmful effects to your gardens ecosystem at all. The trick here is that it may not work as quickly as some chemical sprays and dusts do, but they work well with virtually no side effects whatsoever
  • Organic Physical Pest Barriers
    Although physical controls aren't always made of organic materials, they do keep within the spirit and intent of Organic Gardening by not using synthetic chemicals to manage unwanted pests. When used in conjunction with other methods of organic pest management, they can create an effective tool towards controlling the infestation you have or preventing one from taking root.
  • Plants for What Ails You
    We compile this list from trusted, knowledgable sources that helps to match particular ailments with herbal remedies that may help. This is presented for educational purposes and anyone with a serious ailment should always consult their doctor before using any natural remedies.