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Fo-Ti, He-shou-wu

Fo-ti, He-shou-wu (Polygonum multiflorum)

Fo-ti, He-shou-wu

(Polygonum multiflorum)

Called the "Elixir of Life," Fo-ti tonic is said to produce longevity, fertility and vitality. Taking Fo-ti is said to keep one vigorous and extends one's life span. It is a vine plant that grows well in a shady bed.

Growing Info: This vine plant is a vigorous specimen with a very cunning growth ability. New plants should be grown in pots until their second spring when they can be transplanted into a shady bed with a trellis. Can be grown in sun or shade, but Fo-ti will not tolerate high heat very well at all. This woody perennial can grow to six feet.

Standard Uses: This vine plant is a good ornamental selection for gardens needing a lush green vine to cover a trellis. Their ability to grow in a shady location is a plus, but their inability to withstand high heat does limit their use in warmer regions.

Medicinal Uses: Fo-ti is said to have a root that grows as big as a football at times. It's reputation as a tonic has been touted as a substance to produce longevity, fertility and vitality. Today, many use it as an effective tool against high blood pressure and hardening of the veins and arteries. The component of Lecithin which is contained in Fo-ti helps to reduce arterial plaque and blood pressure. It has also been used for years as a folk remedy for darkening pre-mature gray hair.